ALCOHOL MONITORING BRACELET (BI TAD) provide continuous alcohol monitoring and relies on radio-frequency (RF) technology to report drinking events to officers. The alcohol monitoring bracelet is an ankle-worn device that senses alcohol through the skin. It detects and reports drinking events over a 0.020 transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) threshold.

BLUE TAG ACTIVE GPS is the only device capable of detecting and immediately reporting the deliberate blockage of GPS signals. Blue tag active transmits monitoring data by calling into VeriTracks using nationwide cellular telephone networks and can roam onto others if nessessary. It generates immediate notifications for all events, such as device or strap tampers and zone violations. Supervising officers can log into VeriTracks to initiate a location request, which makes Blue Tag Active immediately transmit the most current set of GPS coordinates regardless of the last data transmission. 

BLUE TAG PASSIVE offers enhanced monitoring of low risk enrollees by monitoring their movements when outside of their home. Stores all monitoring data in its onboard memory. Transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks using one of the two types of telephone services: analog/landline and most digital (non-VolP)

STALKER ALERT uses GPS technology, mobile proximity zones and nationwide cellular telephone networks to help provide advance warning to victims about the presence of their abuser. The abuser'ssupervising officer creates a mobile proximity zone around the victim, which is a pre-determined amount of protected space, usually the distance specified in the order of protection. This circular zone moves with the victim 24/7 and is stored in Stalker Alert's onboard memory. The same zone also moves with the abuser and is stored in the onboard memory of his or her Blue Tag device.

BI HOMEGUARD 200 electronic monitoring system is a radio frequency system that continuously verifies the presence or absence of a client at a specific location, usually the home. The receiver reports the client's presence/absence to the monitoring computer through the client's home phone line, which determines whether the client is adhering to or is in violation of his or her authorized schedule. If the computer detects a violation, it generates an alert, and the monitoring center sends a notification through the method(s) specified by the supervising agency or officer. 

BI SOBRIETOR Is a hand-held, remote alcohol monitoring device that detects the presence of alcohol through an individual's deep lung breath sample. Sobrietor incorporates biometric voice verification technology, fuel cell alcohol testing technology, and BI's proprietary security technology to ensure the client is accurately identified and tested, the unit's integrity remains intact, and results are reported promptly to the host monitoring computer.

PHARMCHEK DRUG PATCH test sweat for : cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP and marijuana. The drug patch tests for both the drug metabolite and the parent drug, continuous monitoring; 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  The drug patch retains drugs used any time during wear period and cannot be diluted and is tamper-evident. The drug patch is placed against the subjects skin for a period of up to two weeks. 


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