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Pawnee County, Oklahoma    June 14, 2021

Very grateful for the opportunity to wear a Scram Alcohol Monitor and for the accountability it held me too.                                ($20.00 a day spent on alcohol)          C. Steed


Cotton County, Oklahoma     January 14, 2021

I really appreciated the opportunity that Alternative Sentencing Solutions provided for me to wear a Scram Alcohol Monitor. While wearing the Scram Alcohol Monitor I was able to work, attend family events and be socializing in the community without needing a drink. The Scram unit helped me in becoming the person that I really want to be, clean and sober. I can't thank the staff at Alternative Sentencing Solutions and their Scram program enough for everything they have done for me and my family.              ($20.00 a day spent on alcohol)          M. Pueblo


Stephens County, Oklahoma     January 31, 2020

Bracelet was a pain, but a constant reminder.       ($10 a day on alcohol)        J. Albin


Comanche County, Oklahoma     January 24, 2020 

I very much disliked wearing the bracelet but, I couldn't be more thankful for having to wear it. It has given me an opportunity to change. It was worth the discomfort to have my sobriety back. I only hope that I can stay strong and remain sober from now.               ($5 a day on alcohol)       T. Carne   


McClain County, Oklahoma         December 11, 2019

Having the accountability right there on my ankle changed my way of thinking. I had two choices, prison or stop drinking. With the help of the Scram Alcohol Monitor I've gotten to reunite with my family and I'm back to being the old me. The haze has lifted and I can see there's a better life.     ($30 a day on Alcohol)     K. Keith  


Jackson County, Oklahoma         December 6, 2019             

Initially I was angry about having to wear the Scram Alcohol Monitor, but with time I recognized that it was for my benefit. I was able to establish a spiritual, mental, and physical being. The staff was great, very inspirational and concerned about my well being. Thank you!        ($100 a day on Alcohol)     A. Miranda


Oklahoma County, Oklahoma      November 14, 2019

The first week was hard to adjust to (sleeping, etc.) but, after that it was like I wasn't even wearing it. I forgot about it most of the time. This program was a blessing to me. If it wasn't for the Scram Monitor, I don't think I would have stopped drinking.                   ($60 a day on Alcohol)     N. Ladeaux


Cleveland County, Oklahoma       October 31, 2019

Scram helped me to keep my occupation, that I love. It helped me complete the drug court program I was in. While helping me build character and self esteem at the gym and in public.     ($50 a day on Alchol)     T. Murphy